Blood on the Tracks


June 23rd 1944

1st Belorussian front.

3rd Rifle Battalion / 242nd Rifle Regiment / 14th Rifle Division / 65th Army

At 1st Company HQ – 03:00 AM –

Comrades, we will be the first elements to attack a vital supply hub, South of the Bobruisk town which stands between Minsk, to the North East and Baranovichi to the South West at 06:10 AM.

Our Stavka orders are to establish a bridgehead, mop up the remaining Germans pockets of resistance around, while our 244th and 246th Rifles Regiments will do a deep North penetration pincer movement to rejoin 3rd Army elements coming from the East. Bobruisk will then be fully encircled. Reinforcements and supplies to the German 9 Armee will be totally cut off and that should lead to its surrender……………

Snake Eye

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