I don’t know if you guys from the good old US of A get the History Channel as part of your 700 channel cable packages but over here in the UK as part of our satellite television deal we are treated to a few good channels in amongst all the rubbish ones… you know the type that tries to sell us wristbands that will give us a 6 pack or a vacuum cleaner that does the vacuuming itself (until it gets stuck under a table or the dog kills it).   Well, over here we have a channel I used to like called The History Channel.  I’ve noticed over the last couple of years that it has been showing less and less of the shows I really want to watch.. you know… documentaries about HISTORY and such like and begun showing TV Shows that although mildly watchable have nothing to do with history.  Honestly take a look at the picture above and tell me where the history is in any of its shows.  Pfffft.

Im disappointed and believe its false advertising…. anyway… just a personal peeve I have got of my chest.  🙂



  1. Bootie, I could not agree more! It should be renamed to the White-Trash-Reality-TV Channel. I never watch it any more. My cable package gives me two variations of the History Channel which are more appealing: H2 carries some history programming but also a fair amount of ghost hunters and alien abduction shows, and the Military History channel which sounds better than the actual programming but does contain decent stuff.

  2. It’s the same in Canada; Ice-Road Truckers is one of the ones I remember back when I actually had access to the History Channel. But, I would rather read a good book then watch the best documentary there is, since the book is almost always better. The few shows I did like, which I think were on Discovery come to think of it, was where they tracked down relatives of soldiers and did battlefield excavations etc.

  3. Yep Guys. Been that way here in the NYC area a while now. Smithsonian is the go to Channel now. Has history mixed with science which means there is always something good to watch.
    Last night mostly engineering types like mega ships and air disasters. Shackleton’s Frozen hell is on right now. As far as WWII I think new productions using new production technology would be nice to see. Especially incorporating newer historical interrogation.


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