Just to show that Booties Blog isn’t all serious, tales of woe and a world in crisis I ask you to STOP… just for a second and consider this.  Have you made contingencies for the Zombie Apocalypse?  No…?  Well, I have.  Its questions like this that pop into my mind during the day when my concentration drifts and I start considering completely random things.  


Right… just say for instance you have 60 minutes from the announcement of a zombie apocalypse… the undead are walking the streets… answer these questions.

1 – What weapon do you immediately reach for?

Living in the UK and having no access to firearms I would run to my shed and grab a hammer, I know that’s pretty lame but that would be the only head smashing weapon I would have at my disposal at short notice.  If I had a few minutes to spare I would gaffer tape a kitchen knife onto the top of it.  Just in case.

2 – What 3 things would you grab from your house?

OK, so I have already grabbed my weapon which leaves me two things to pick up before I run for my car.  I will need the car keys so I grab them and that leaves me only one thing to pick up.  We are not including family here so my last thing to grab would be my phone.  Actually I would leave the phone… probably wouldn’t get network coverage anyway.  The last thing I would grab would be a rucksack full of food and water.  The Red Cross actually advise you in a crisis to pack at least 3 days food as that is the minimum time recognised Government would be able to stage a relief operation.  So yeah, hammer, car keys and food.

3 – Where would you set up your base?

My initial thought would be to get to my work.  The police station would have weapons, cells, a security system, CCTV in operation. However the food is junk and sure as hell everyone would be rushing to it.  So after careful deliberation I would head to the harbour and acquire me an offshore supply boat that was fully stocked and a crew.  Then I would head to the nearest oil rig.


So, in the event of a zombie apocalypse what would be your 3 answers.

  1. There are two kinds of people in this world, those that have a plan for when the zombies take over the earth and those that don’t. We call the latter group, dinner.

    I have 27 zombie plans. The most likely one I’d decide to follow is barricade the doors and wait out the first 24 hours. Once all the idiots who run to shopping centers have become meaty chew toys I’d venture out and begin my journey without interruption. Fill up the car and then drive like crazy to get out of the city and probably head to the folks’ farmhouse in the country. Isolated and away from populated areas.
    (Yeah stole some words from Red vs Blue 😛 )

  2. 01) Well, no gun in my house, so would take the butcher knife.

    02) In the motorcycle I would be vulnerable, so too would take the keys of the Renault Clio.
    Its luggage rack is not very big, so load it with a drum of 10 liters of water and all that is in the cupboard.

    03) Assuming that all the streets would be a out of control, also would go to any police station or armory in search of a firearm, if they are left.
    I would not go to the main city (Buenos Aires in my case), try to get away as he could, to some other city or seek any military base to stay.

  3. You guys are late to the party…The Zombies are already here, but the general consensus on their appearance and how they operate is all wrong…Here in the US, the Zombies have taken over the Govt, just look at Congress and the Senate! I’m sure they are active in all countries of the world.

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