Guys, it is with sadness that I bring to you news of the passing of Dennis Houghton (WarDog). It was something we long suspected due to the fact we lost contact for a prolonged period but thanks to some detective work  by PoorOldSpike it has been confirmed that Dennis passed away from a heart attack last year.

Snap 2015-03-22 at 23.57.18 (1)

Denny joined us on Nov 8, 2009 with his last activity being on Mar 27, 2014. He was a likeable character and made an impression on a lot of the guys here including me. All I ask is for us to raise a glass to him and thank him for his brief sojourn into our lives as a friend and fellow gamer.

Oh, here’s to other meetings,
And merry greetings then;
And here’s to those we’ve drunk with,
But never can again.


May you rest in peace Dennis, it was a pleasure knowing you. From your friends at The Few Good Men.


Credit for the Scots piper at sunset image goes to Mark Roberts who kindly let us use his work.


  1. I remember playing a few CMx1 games with Wardog a few years ago. I think he was living in Ecuador ? A nice guy to play and chat. RIP !

  2. A tough man, we had at lot of differences and arguments over his politics, but he was a great gamer.
    I will gladly down a few drams of scotch in his honour tonight.

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