Every once in a while I stand back and take stock of the fine men I have visiting and using the websites and as a personal thankyou I hand out The Right Stuff ribbon to those I feel are deserving.  It has come that time again and I want to say thanks to the following members.  The Right Stuff Ribbon has been going for several years now and its citation reads…

  • Presented by the Owner (Bootie) to members for outstanding contributions to The FGM Community

With the following inductees the ranks of The Right Stuff Ribbon has now grown to 12 guys…

The newest members to be added are….


Ithikial is Assistant FGM Commander and does a lot of work round the site without ever receiving praise for it… he inputs all the ladder data, highlights any potential flashpoints to me and is a solid #2 for me to bounce ideas off.  He also picks up the slack when my time is lacking.  Thanks man for all you do on the site.  Its great to have a rock solid guy I can rely on 100%.  Well done on getting the ribbon.


A relative newcomer to the site considering we have been in existence for 13-14 years but through his work assisting me on the complete transfer of CMMODS and the like to the new hosts he has proven himself a stand up guy that will get his hands dirty when work needs done.  Others also helped in the transfer process but Badger73 was there to help co-ordinate and do the leg work which I have to say was both tedious and monotonous and could very easily send you to sleep.  This is my way of saying thank-you for all your hard work and many hours put into the various projects we work on for the sake of the FGM and wider CM community.


Sempai has been with us for over 7 years now and is the sole beacon in keeping CMx1 alive and well on the FGM.  The work he puts into this area is phenomenal and a lot of people do appreciate his efforts to keep CMx1 kicking.  He also runs the music section of FGM and does a fantastic job in monitoring the links ensuring they are all running smoothly.  Thanks Sempai!!


Another old timer who visits the site every day and a lot of times  during the night providing input and discussion.  Nathangun has recently got into running campaigns and his work ethic in this is fantastic as it provides you guys with an outlet and strategic layer for your battles in CM.  He also takes part in the ARMAIII sessions. Thanks for being an ever present!!

Dutch Grenadier

A member for over 5 years now DG is very active in the community and also runs tournaments and campaigns and designs scenarios and the like.  DG this is just a shout out to thank you for being one of the mainstays of the community during your membership.

Of course I want to thank everyone of our members as you are all valued but I think sometimes its nice to just single folk out and give them a pat on the back, a shake of the hand and to say thanks for making this community great.




Over and Out.


  1. When looking for a CMx2 community to join years ago, I checked out several others besides FGM. I found this group to be one after my own heart in BFC gaming. I was happy to contribute my efforts to the CMMODSIII and BFC repository transfers. I opine that one would be hard pressed to find a finer place to stand than among the ranks of a Few Good Men . Thank you for this award, Bootie.

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