Guys I will be removing the PayPal Donation boxes and going for a new system called Patreon.  As I have Paypal donate buttons scattered across all the sites I work at and I have decided to centralise it to one location.  Patreon is slightly different to paypal in that you pledge to donate a certain amount each month.  The pledge can be anything from a dollar up… so for example if you go and decide to pledge a dollar a month that is all you need to pay each month… there are no catches.  It really is simple.

By centralising it I can have all my ‘patrons’ in one place and discuss the future direction of the sites and listen to exactly what they want.  There are also rewards in place for Patrons…. for Patrons that donate over $5 a month you get entered into a prize draw and have the chance of picking up anything from books, dvds, games, militaria and t-shirts etc.  For less than the cost of a coffee you can be helping me make the few Good men and associated sites a better place to be.

Of course it is completely voluntary and by not paying I will not stop working its just having that little battle chest will inspire me to go to greater lengths and push myself financially forward to make ‘our’ place on the web that much more nicer an experience.

Thanks for reading.

You can find my Patreon page in the link below.

Booties Patreon Page


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