Sometimes they say less is more… in that the less we have the more we can concentrate on the things that matter and that is certainly the case with the FGM recently.  I have a few things that I  will be changing this evening if I have the time (I got some work to do in the garden and dinner to make) but it has started already with the notification in my previous post that the Quiz Section was closing for business.  Below are some changes I will be making to the FGM website.

1 – Quiz Section – As mentioned previously this section has run its course.  Closure is pending.

2 – The Home Page – An area very few of us visit.  This will be turned into a static front page with an image inviting folk in.  This in turn has implications for the download area of the FGM.

3 – Again an underused area and catered for more than satisfactorily by CM MODS and The Battlefront Repository both which have links on the FGM forum page.  I will be moving my mods over to these areas soon and would advise folk to do the same with any downloads they wish to share with the wider community.  In all seriousness the circulation and free advertising The FGM will gain from posting on these other sites heavily outweighs the exposure we attract to the club hosting them ourselves.  And this ties directly in with the next change to the site.

4 – The scenario design area will be closing.  There just isn’t enough activity to make it worth all the work that goes into it.  Designers can utilise a section for playtesters and the like which I will set up but as for the formal system we tried to initiate I believe it hasn’t worked out.  The interest just wasn’t there and the area has been basically propped up by Fredrocker and ithikial.

I hope to start work on these changes this evening but fear ye not I will be going on vacation, packing my bags and visiting a multitude of different gaming sites out there to dip my toe in the warm water of their forums to check out the local attractions and to see what is working for them, what isn’t working and what souvenirs I can take back to you guys at The Few Good Men.

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  1. That is shame about the Scenario design section I have a lot of respect for Fredrocker and ithikial. and other designers both on the FGM and other sights where you can get old of new scenarios, a lot of work goes into that area as you know……..will the new scenario section be easy to find I ask my self regarding the utilise a section area………..When are you going away mate ?

  2. 🙁 – For the Scenario design section. Request we at least keep the useful link and tips and tricks part of the library in some capacity. Oh and Operation Windsor will be done soon… please don’t delete that thread completely. May need to migrate over a few active threads to the wider CMx2 WW2 era forum.

  3. I hate to see some of the design and download sections going away, but I do understand and will support The FGM in anyway possible… Enjoy your vacation and don’t think about the site tooo much… 🙂

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