Guys just a little update on website stuff.  I have been in dialogue with Rico and we have agreed that the Quiz section has reached the end of its path.  With the advent of google assisting people in answering the questions it has becoming increasingly difficult for the quiz masters to actually find a question that can not be easily answered by a google search.


As such we have decided to finally end the quiz section after a number of years but do not worry as we are taking an overall view of the way the forums are laid out and may be adding new sections in the near future to keep the area fresh and entertaining.

Thank you to all the guys who have taken part in the quiz area over the years.  It has been fun but when it becomes a ‘job’ to keep it running to a respectable standard then I’m afraid the time has come to move on as we don’t want anyone to feel they are having to do a ‘job’ which isn’t completely enjoyable to themselves as this is what that FGM is all about.  Fun and enjoyment.

Thanks for reading.

  1. Ah Neubaufahrzeug has stated he wishes to run the Quiz Section until the end of March and to re-evaluate it then. He will be the sole quiz master henceforth. Good luck. 🙂

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