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A slow night at work so an ideal time to do a bit of an overview look at our club. Long term members will be aware that this is something I tend to do every 6 to 12 months. To be honest it is a challenge to write these updates as it is basically me looking at where we stand currently, where we have come from and also put my thoughts out in relation to a roadmap for the future progression of the club.

In my opinion the FGM is an ever evolving club and I would suggest that we have seen the biggest change in relation to the FGM over the previous 12 months. A year ago our membership was more or less static, our tournaments and campaigns were tight and well controlled by me as in I knew exactly where every one of them stood and kept a close eye on advancement and activity. Due to real life commitments, namely buying a house, my eye has been taken of the ball and added in to the equation the explosion in players wanting to start new campaigns and tournaments I now simply find that I do not have the time to be on top of everything.

The increased activity is of course good for the club but it also comes with a risk attached. That risk is that with more being run the members may get swamped by taking on too much. I have previously tried to balance membership with tournaments in an effort to keep members hungry for tournaments without overloading them. As a long term wargamer I know players can suffer from burnout and have suffered burn out myself. A point in time when you find the pressure of getting turns out becomes a chore and time constraints slip leading to slow down in competition progression and the real threat of pissing of fellow club members.

To aide me I promoted Ithikial to Assistant Club Commander and in the process stood down 2051472 and Fredrocker who found their time limited by real life intruding on their admin/gaming time. Ithikial has done a fine job and with his experience of data analysis has added a new string to the command level bow of the FGM. I do however need to show him more of the workings of the forum software to truly utilise him but again the current level of activity on the site has put paid to us doing anymore at this time.

Rico and myself had been running the FGM Facebook and Twitter page but these were not a success and as such were removed and replaced by Booties Blog and The FGM YouTube channel which have both proven to be more popular with members interacting. I enjoy doing the YT videos, it is great to interact with folk within and out with the FGM on this medium and it also lets you guys get to ‘know’ me as more than a username. I would like to utilise the YT channel in future by getting members more involved so get your webcams set up…if interested in doing a question answer session in future please note your interest below and hit me with what you would like to see more/less off and any other topics you think I could incorporate into it. I’m thinking of doing discussions on military topics and believe this would be a great draw and would attract more members. We are more than just a gaming club remember.

The ladders have finally settled after becoming something I had fretted about in previous years. I’m happy with the current format and between me and Ithikial they have been less of a burden although hands up I do need to get the updates out sooner. It is a good system but ideally I would like it automated but that is beyond our financial scope and if it was automated unfortunately it would probably mean there would be more chance of it breaking so I’m currently happy with where we are.

Going back to the tournaments can each of the game masters get in touch with me to confirm how they are running, a brief synopsis of what it is and expected run time. This will assist me on the coordination of future tourneys.

As mentioned in a previous blog post I’m still interested in setting up a Skype chat with a group of us but will look into it in the near future and choose a suitable date and time… quite hard to coordinate due to the wide stretch of our membership across the globe and the attached time zones. But this Skype chat could be edited and put up on YT as well. šŸ™‚

I have closed down the Quiz section as basically it was becoming a burden and was quite hard to keep it maintained and up to date so the plug was pulled. Also the plug was pulled on the Scenario Design section… the interest just wasn’t high enough to have it as a permanent fixture. The posts were moved to The Musket Room and were not deleted.

That pretty much concludes this update with the pertinent points for me to work on are the harnessing in of campaigns and tournaments and the intention to have an increase in user interaction through social media namely YouTube and the website. Once I get on top of these things I can reassess and have a better idea of the direction to pull or push the club.

In closing thank you for being a great bunch of guys that have made this little corner of the internet a pleasure to hang out in.

  1. Well Boss i think you have summed that up nicely, and apart from your Busy life of late
    As a member it seems to be running very sweetly, that point about Burn out can be very true
    I have suffered it my self, also with the summer coming along I find stuff to do in the Garden,
    which you must feel the same……No creeping …Your doing a fine Job mate

    • Thanks Ted… it is running smoothly but its always good to consider worst case scenario when planning for the future. šŸ™‚

  2. Been thinking of a Q&A session on my own YouTube channel as I approach 1000 subscribers. (Okay it’s currently at 885 but I’m optimistic). Happy to team up if you want. Got the webcam dusted off and set up.

    • I got 83 subscribers… LMAO. Would be good to set up a Q&A or discussion video using Skype… we can try when I get back from Frankfurt if you like but we would need to get some ideas down on paper before hand and perhaps a format we could follow in successive vids? Can I leave that one with you to think of before my return on Monday night?

  3. This year’s gone tits-up in terms of quality time for wargaming and FGM activities for me … aside from a bit of tinkering and the odd little game session here and there, nothing too much going on.
    That Borscht campaign idea has been festering in my brain since BS came out with some of that map work started in February…lol
    Basically keeping KOH ticking over … playing the odd turn on Cross of Iron for 3 remaining players … poor Mehlsack’s been stuck on completed Mission 12 for over a month now I think.
    Just don’t seem to have time or energy for anything that requires serious/sustained book-keeping — hence Rikonovo is stuck at the moment with a LOT of AAR stuff that needs doing.
    I guess also hit a bit of a CM-burnout phase were it just requires too much attention to detail … PanzerCorps is about the complexity I have space in my brain for at the moment. :-/

    On happier note — I am also Skype & webcam connected and would be fun to have a multi-national chat session one of these days šŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the honest update. If burnout is a real issue I suggest lightening your workload. Either by passing on responsibility for something or concluding things.

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