Lets be honest its highly unlikely more than a handful of us will ever meet face to face and instead rely on the medium of text to communicate But this doesn’t have to be the case.  I use Skype and have tried to communicate briefly with Facman but we were having audio issues and Ive also spoke to Numberz over Skype.

But hey there is no reason we don’t embrace this technology.  Skype can allow group chats of up to 5 people… so I hope to set something up in the near future.  Hell its free just google it… download it and set up an account. You get 100 free hours worth of Skype Group Video chat free every month.

If you are already on Skype drop your Skype name into the comments field below or email them to me and I will add you to my FGM Group List, at the minute it is pretty sparse with Hedgehog (Ted), Facman (Jody) and mTk (Terry) on my friends list.


  1. I have you Bootie and mtk, numberz, and Johnsy, and Combat Wombat…..in the past I have spoke to
    numberz, Johnsy, and Combat

    • Yeah Ive always fancied changing my handle but hey ho… I guess folk know me round the web as Bootie… too late now. 🙂

  2. You found the right ‘Ithikial’ Bootie. (Pretty sure I’m still the only one 😛 ) Odin, I’d be interested in giving your idea there a shot, just the usual timezone problems.

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