What a week or two it has been.  I’ve been juggling with looking after Amelia then having the wifes birthday celebrations which included cake, alcohol, present shopping, family down staying and of course doing everything else she asks!!  I’ve also been working on the car to ensure it gets through its MOT retest.  So, needless to say although I have been on the site occasionally I haven’t had the time to do any work on it or when I do have the time I’m too tired after all the running around.

I had high hopes for today in relation to really getting some work done but it all got swallowed up by me building garden furniture and clearing debris from behind a wall I knocked down in my garden on Sunday.  So despite being wrecked I have managed to motivate myself to log in and fire this little interim update at you.

Deep breathe….

Clan War vs OWC.

We have got decimated in the first battle and now move on to the second round.  Despite games waiting to finish we are in a position where 3 straight total victories would not drag us above the OWC so in the next day or two I will be putting up the 2nd round thread… REMEMBER!!..  you need to re-apply every round.  if your not able to commit then don’t apply as I hope the next round will go quicker than the first.

The OWC are providing the next map so as soon as we have that in our hands we can have a look and have some discussion on tactics.

Operation Overlord Campaign

Im aware there are some issues I need to sort out in relation to a battle or two ending with a ceasefire or surrender.  I will get tot hat in the very near future and also ask the games being played currently FINISH by Wednesday… be it a rush of turns or a ceasefire.  We have spent months on this round and although I’m aware it is the time of year when folk start getting out and enjoying the weather the time taken for this set has been ludicrous.  To keep the momentum we need to push on.

FGM Ladder

Just a quick pointer… when you report a game on the ladder this is the way it goes.

Results forum shows a NEW RESULT.

Ithikial adds it to the offline database and marks it up as ADDED TO LADDER.

So although it says Added to Ladder that is information for me.  It is not added to the online ladder until I post an update and say the new ladder has been uploaded.  A few guys have mentioned their result hasn’t appeared yet. That’s the reason why.

Right… Im of to bed… hopefully tomorrow I will get to talk to you guys on the site.


  1. I had a feeling you were bogged down with life at the moment, you know the moving house in your
    life must have added a whole lot of pressure all round to you and the Family…..Not to mention
    Amelia, at that age they want to be in and know every thing…..I have a great Granddaughter
    about the same age and she can run you ragged……They are lovely though.

    No rush with my request for the ribbon, hope it all becomes a little easier for you

    Best Regards


  2. Light at the end of the tunnel on this end boss. Hopefully mid-May life will settle down a bit with the house on the way and work related projects leaving my desk.

    Will keep doing bits and bobs in the meantime as usual.

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