Usually folk that run a website are always looking at ways of spreading their ‘word’ and continually aiming to make themselves bigger, more popular, more interesting.  For years (bearing in mind I’ve been at the helm here for more than a decade) that was my aim too and a theme I revisited many times during my tenure as the owner of the FGM.

Over the past year Rico and I have attempted to spread the footprint of the FGM onto the social media platform using Facebook and Twitter.  In over a year we only had 75 guys follow us on Facebook and 52 on Twitter… so…. today I decided to draw a line under it and move on.

The thing with wargaming is… basically…. its a very niche market.  Combat Mission doesn’t have the millions of followers you find in your EA Sports Games, Call of Duties, Assassins Creeds and the like.  So widening our fan base and using CM as that vehicle was never going to work especially when there are other CM clubs out there who do not necessarily do it better but they have been doing it longer and importantly support other war games.

The FGM was built using Combat Mission as a recruiting tool so the majority of our members are all from the CM family.  Numerous times I have tried introducing other games but the interest just isn’t there and time after time they have been buried along with a million and one other ideas I’ve tried to implement.  Like a sledgehammer hitting me repeatedly on the head the information does finally sink in.

Of course the FGM is more than just a gaming club…. we do have a lot of interesting data on our site relating to military history.  We are good but we are by no means the best for that type of content and there are other sites out there that do it so much better because it is what they are designed for.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and look at what we have here… a great community of people who have an interest in a niche market.  We should be proud that we have each other to game with and that other players have found their way to our club and I think the realisation has hit me that what I search for doesn’t lie out-with the club… in fact it lies within it.  I need to concentrate on what we have and make it better… not bigger.

Its taken a long while coming but now that realisation is here it makes planning for the future that much easier.

Thanks for reading.

  1. Nicely put Sir Which in my humble opinion that is what makes our Club
    unique The Few Good Men, our members react to most subjects that are
    brought up be it help or just chit-chat or mickey taking, I wonder just our
    many others Clubs can offer that…….I would bet not that many Concentrate
    on the inner workings and the membership will grow and stay

  2. Well said Bootie..

    I was wondering… Do you think it is due to the demographic make up of the CM fanbase? My impression is that we are generally 30+ years old and juggling the usual pressures of that age, kids, work and so forth. For me, that means I don’t dabble in social media at all, I wonder if there are others like me who just are not with it…

    Anyways, I just wanted to echo Hedgehog above. the Few Good Men have a wonderful community, both in terms of banter and also in terms of guys who work hard and care deeply about what they do for the enjoyment of others.


  3. Yeah — agree with sentiments expressed — while I was quite keen on the social media aspect of it — most times i was at a bit of a loss at what exactly to post on the Facebook and Twitter pages.

  4. Of course I agree with the boss on this one…. We are very lucky to have an excellent group of core members within our ranks. I for one enjoy the banter, the friendships, and just the good ole time we have at FGM…

  5. Having been a member of several other gaming clubs, I find the fellowship here at The FGM 2nd to none! When the sierra hits the fan, there are numerous brothers here, that will come to the aid of any in need. While our numbers may not be equal to those other clubs, the quality of participants have no equal. So for that I say, “Thanks Bootie!”.
    In line with this conversation, I have talked to the Northern California contingent about our 5th Annual Gathering of a Few Good Men. We are of the opinion that since we can’t easily get our mates to travel all the way here, this year we shall extend an invitation for our brethren to join us vicariously. We will be gathering at our usual location, Sam’s Chowder House, and be enjoying the gathering under the camera that Sam’s has placed overlooking their outside dining area. We shall post the date and time of the gathering, so that our brethren around the world can look in and vicariously join our gathering. We intend to have a Kindle or other such device available so that we might include all in the conversation. Standby for further details.
    Facman out…

  6. Fantastic… I look forward to ‘virtually’ joining you guys this year and I will have a beer in my hand for any toasts… LOL

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