Its been one of those weeks where I just seemed to have had no time for anything FGM or wargame related at all. In between doing work on the house, looking after my daughter and being a taxi for my wife constantly I finally have some respite now that I have just finished a night shift and with the daughter packed of to nursery and the wife tucked behind her desk at work I get some FGM time.  Fantastic.

Recently I updated the homepage.  It is basically the foundations up there just now and like mTk private messaged me… damn that homepage is dull.  I do know it is very ‘grey scale’ but it will be getting jazzed up when I have time.

In my last few posts I have talked about changes being made to the FGM.  I announced all these forum-side changes then my free time vanished and I didn’t get to implement all of them.  The downloads section is now no more and I advise all folk to post their stuff at the Battlefront Repository or the CMMODS site run by GreenAsJade.  The Quiz section was on the cusp of being closed but was given a last minute reprieve due to the fact that Neubaufahrzeug wanted to take on the running of it single handedly until the end of the month of March when a re-evaluation can be done.

I have still to sort out the Scenario Design section which has been earmarked for closing despite the reservations from Ithikial and Fredrocker (the 2 I said were keeping this area alive).  The support for scenario design and playtesting will still be there but it just will not be the formal procedure we currently operate.

The todo list I have is quite big… here are just some of the items I have to address in the near future.

  • Sorting out the homepage.  I want to get some gaming vids running in the background.
  • Sorting out the scenario design section on the forums.
  • Gathering an update for the OOC.  This turns game should be finishing soon
  • Same for the Clan War vs OWC.  We need to get our results in and get the games completed.
  • The ladder needs updated and reposted to the site.

Despite only being a list of 5 things I have a lot more in the pipeline.  The above list comprises about a days work and at present Im doing my best to squeeze things in here and there.

Anyways thats all for this little update.  Speak soon.  Oh… and the guy who originally had the idea of setting up The FGM with me Loic Cavenne or Corsaire as he is known has rejoined the site for the 3rd time.  Say hello to him on the forums.  🙂

  1. Just finishing the night shift perhaps you might just have3 or 4 off to your self
    I would imagine if so you could well make that todo list disappear…..You will never
    be bored that’s for sure

  2. If only… night shift again Monday and Tuesday then a day of then I have Amelia for 3 days but planning a nice visit to a local rare breed farms to let her feed the animals. She loves that… LOL

  3. That’s rough two night shifts on the trot….is that normal ? my Son in law seems to get
    little groups of days, great day to be at the Farm you are right they love
    feeding the animals one of our Great-Granddaughters loved feeding the sheep
    enjoy mate they soon grow up

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