A look at the book Images of War – Fallschirmjäger German Paratroopers 1937-1941 by Francois Cochet and available from Pen & Sword books.


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1 thought on “BOOK REVIEW : FALLSCHIRMJÄGER 1937-1941

  1. Let me first say that I appreciate your review. It was forwarded to me by a friend who knows my interest in ww2 airborne troop. I would like to see the pictures made during training, but the fact that they did skip the operations in the Netherlands signifies to me it isn’t well researched or perhaps mostly catering to a general public view.
    The operations in the Netherlands are generally ignored, despite the fact that it was a major operation that mirrors the 1944 airborne drop. It was both successful and a disaster. It showed what could be done and could not be done. That is to say: if airborne operations were used to assist in ground forces operations than they could be successful. If they were aimed to be solitary ventures..they were prone to fail. In the Netherlands both were attempted and the one was successful(capturing the bridges to the fortress of Holland) and the other failed(capturing the government, the army headquarters). It makes for an interesting study. It isn’t in this book.

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