CMBN 12th SS Camo Mix

12th SS Camo Mix

In this mode the same texture is used like in the mode waffen SS camo, but the main difference is that I tried to build the uniforms so as you can see from the pictures of fighters 12th Panzer Division Hitlerjugend. Camouflage smocks combined with Italian camouflage trousers and camouflage dot 44 trousers, grey uniforms removed and instead added tunics dot 44 and Italian camouflage. You now don’t need to switch back and forth between the full camo and standard camo settings in order to see the whole camouflage uniforms, you can always use standard camo set.

Before installing the mod, delete waffen SS camo mode from your Z folder!!!


13.03.2013 palm tree camo smock update.

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