CMBN Benpark’s British Infantry And AFV Crews

The included files add 8 additional variations to the stock BFC British uniform. A few just change the color of the uniform to create differing amounts of variation between the stock green and dark brown. Others add additional features such as straps, dirt and wear (and other items that you can discover when they are loaded).

Also included are 5 helmet variations for the “turtle” type helmet. These include both foliage and other field camo schemes.

In addition to the infantry mods, there are 2 new AFV crew files and one jr. officer uniform mod. The AFV crews included are one with a leather vest (as seen on many modelling kit covers!), and one with additional oil grime effects.

There are also additional kit variations included (as many as 2 or three per item).

All files have normal maps. This improves things like the 3D look of the helmets and straps immensly.

If you use any of the included work, that is fine, just credit “benpark” in the read me.

Thanks to BFC for the amazing work we see on our screens.


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