CMBN Rifle Brigade Mod CM:CW

Rifle Brigade Mod – v1.0 (CM:CW 2.00)

You need CM:CW upgraded to 2.00. This download contains a rar file of

– amended uniforms, helmets and face files to represent motorised infantry from the Rifle Brigade.

PLEASE NOTE – It replaces Brit uniform, face and helmet files. Other Brit uniform mods will need to be disabled.


Default Div Patch is the 7th Armoured Brigade

Optional – is the 11th Armoured Brigade

The Mk2 helmet is replaced by the Mk3 as IMO it looks more like the netted Mk2 worn by many Brit troops in Normandy [if you want the Mk2 back delete the MDR files incl in the mod].

CREDITS – This mod uses lots of work by Aris, Ben Park and Vein as a base. All credit should go to them.

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