CMRT & CMBN Benparks German Field Foliage Helmet Mod

Benpark German Foliage Helmet Mod

Normal maps included. Mod will work best with Shaders “On”.

This mod will work with any CMx2 WW2 title, but will be best with CMBN (and modules) and CMRT, as CMFI is more arid.

Includes 7 types of field foliage camo and 2 adaptations of the stock BFC helmets.The number system starts at “8”. Renumber as needed if you have other helmet mods in your mod folders.

Place the contents of this folder in your Battlefront/Combat Mission/Red Thunder folder for RT

Place the contents in Battlefront/Combat Mission Battle for Normandy/Data/Z folder for CMBN/CW/MG use

Thanks to Saferight for the his helmet mod, from which I adapted helmets 10 and 15. Feel free to adapt as necessary and share, just give credit.

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