DC’s 21st Army Group Massive Uniform Mod!

Mod Information

This mod has several different elements that should allow the player to effectively model the units provided; this includes uniform items, vehicles and game interface. There will be some things that are not 100% accurate, as there are limitations upon what can be done within the game environment, but all design decisions were made with the intention of being as accurate as possible first, with other possible additions made here and there to hopefully add to the community experience (ie para berets). If you don’t like something I’ve done design or content-wise and don’t have constructive commentary, then just don’t use the mod, it’s as simple as that.

Note 1 – All uniform insignia is based upon my extensive accumulated research, and therefore any mistakes would be my fault alone but it should be noted that there were sometimes various versions of insignia worn by units at different times/places, so there is room for variation; also, this is a game, and sometimes graphical additions are made based upon best estimates.

Note 2 – All Commonwealth vehicles are based completely upon the extensive mod-work of Aris/Fuser; this mod would not have been the same quality at all without his wonderful graphical work on the Commonwealth vehicles (thank you again Aris for providing all of the vehicle graphics files); the only changes made to Aris’ vehicles is in the specific unit decaling, which I have done, again, based upon years of accumulated information, and in some cases educated extrapolation. Note 3 – All unit portraits are by Mord, who did an amazing job with his extensive portrait mod. Also, I’d like to thank Mord for the back-and-forth discussions which spawned more additions to my original plans for the mod (ie rank insignia).

Note 4 – This mod will work perfectly fine with the standard interface, but I would suggest using Juju’s Interface mod and Bergman’s vehicle silhouettes (they are what I use ☺) as there are 1 or 2 graphics from Juju’s mod which are used specifically with this mod (ie HQ unit icon).

Feel free to include the units with any scenario/campaign releases, just please remember to credit the community members noted above for their work.

Enjoy Darknight Canuck


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