Lucky_Strike’s – EZ’s Heer Panzer Crew With HBT Uniforms And More!

This mod is based on the superb Heer Panzer Crew v.2 uniform mod made by Ez. It adds the reed-green HBT (herringbone twill) uniform issued to panzer troops from 1943. The HBT uniform was a lightweight version of the black woollen Sonderbekleidung der Panzertruppen (Special Clothing for the Panzer Troops) uniform meant as summer wear. It was similar to the reed-green drill uniform issued to armoured reconnaissance units from May 1941 intended to improve their camouflage. The panzer crew HBT uniform featured a large pocket on both the chest and thigh, a factory applied national emblem on the chest, and loops and buttons for attaching shoulder straps. Many troops wore this uniform in preference to the heavy black woollen uniform in summer and wore it over their black uniform in winter for additional warmth. The uniform was also issued to, and sometimes acquired by, Panzerjäger, Sturmgeschütz and other armoured crews.

Also added to the mod are extra neck-ware/polo-neck colours and variations, and a custom-made officer’s feldjacke in Italian Telo Mimetico camouflage Zeltbahn material.

I design these mods to use for my personal gaming experience. I use a modified version of BarbaricCo’s WarMovie shaders ADVANCED v.112 for CMBN. You can see a comparison of what the mods will look like without a shader here. Please don’t expect the mod colours to necessarily look exactly like they do in the preview images within your own game setup.

All thanks and praise to the mighty Ez for his original mods, help and inspiration, and of course to the guys at Battlefront for such a great and enduring game.


June 2019 – better late than never!

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