Juju’s UI Mod v6 – Unification Mod

JuJu has announced that he was stepping back from modding in the CM community after many years stretching back to the CM1 days. Ithikial has been handed torch to Ithikial to keep the mod going. This release unifies the seperate game families together to make the process going forward a touch easier. The unification project doesn’t mean the mods for each title will now look identical, the exact opposite, however the common elements like weapon slots and silhouettes will now carry across the game families. It also adds support for the “Rome to Victory” and “Fire and Rubble” modules. All WW2 games are included in the one download at the link below.

Please read the included Read Me in the download. For any bug reports, errors and suggestions for improvement please post them to this thread (no PM’s please!): https://community.battlefront.com/topic/139356-future-of-jujus-ui-mod-project-unification/   Screenshots and file names are a big help to help quickly identify the problems.

Thanks for downloading and enjoy!



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4 thoughts on “Juju’s UI Mod v6 – Unification Mod

  1. Great work guys, love these mods, they’re essential. Any word on a Shock Force 2 JuJu style Ui update?

    1. Not happening. As per Read Me, Juju has less interest in the modern era titles, while I have little time to try and build a modern era version effectively from scratch.


  2. I tried several times.

    The CMRT section seems to be incorrect. It seems to be the CMFI stuff. Maybe an error in the links?

    I am looking specifically for the Soviet DT tank machinegun weapon slot and in CMRT I do NOT see it. I see British portraits in the CMRT section.

    Something is rotten in Denmark.

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