This is my quick grass and mini texture mod. It is meant to compliment other desaturated texture packs, especially Aris’ although you could use it stand alone if you wanted. I didn’t create the original textures I just tweaked them so all credit goes to the original art director/illustrators.

Author: admin

1 thought on “AstroCat_Grass_and_Minis_v1

  1. Finally, a grass mod for those of us who have a hard time seeing the red lines for Assault and Target indicated. Also you can see those colored destination boxes (the main one is yellow with one to two boxes next to it) that indicate what action square will be occupied at the end of a movement. No more wondering if one of the teams for the squad is hanging out in the open when moving from cover to cover.

    Also the graphic represents actual ground in a realistic way. There is varying shades of grass across the area. From faded grass to areas of thicker grass with a nice random application of small rocks in the bare spots.

    Want the neighbors to be talking about how great your lawn looks? Then get this mod!

    Salute to AstroCat for this mod!

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