Rambler’s Desaturated Trees & Bocage By Rambler

For use with desaturated terrain mods.

This mod thins out the leaves to make the trees appear more natural and true to life, and the bark is sharpened up and enhanced so it isn’t as blurry. The bocage is also made to appear more natural with slight gaps here and there. This helps as a visual reminder that tanks and infantry can see through bocage. If you prefer the stock bocage, which is more dense, use the Trees Only brz.

NOTE: This mod must load LAST in order for it to work. Add a z or two in front of the file name, like so: zzRamblers Desaturated Trees & Bocage. Next, order your mod folder by name. The Desaturated Trees & Bocage brz should now be last. The game will now ignore any other terrain mods that edit the trees and use this mod instead.


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