Final Experimental Mod Part 2

This is the final updating  Mod Part 2

Update include, a decreasing sound level of the file, and a suppression from some noises and commands orders.
Like the first part , I don’t want listening engines of tanks or vehicles permanently ON, on the battlefield,
also when the crew are just making a short Reece on foot,
they have to turn the engine of OFF and save fuel.
and this is what they can doing now for a short time,
and listen little birds and the wind blowing in the bocage …

An immersion of sounds for CMBN/MG…!!!
the next will be for CMFB/CMRT with feeling of cold and extreme cold…

The second Part will be like my olds Mods, reserved for Vehicles.

• you will have the possibility to put engine on/off of vehicles/tank shortly.
• listen radio contacts with high/down echelon.
• Preparation of the MG on the turret.
• The silence is (not a bug) is also a part of the mod giving the time to the crew to make a short reece on foot on the battlefield .

This Mod dont disturb any others sounds or visuals movements in game, the size of the file is only bigger…this is the only difference !

You will have shortly a little peace on the battlefield from your big feet engines !!

Like always

If you don’t like It, just put it out of your Z folder
(the taste is “delete” of your keyboard very easy).



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1 thought on “Final Experimental Mod Part 2

  1. excellent mod, the added silence and popping of engine coming to life are really nice, however for ease of use across all teams i’d remove the voices..(no talking) lol..

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