GMC CCKW To The Gaz Mod

Converts GMC CCKW to the Gaz MM from Red Thunder. When selecting the Gaz pick the GMC CCKW from the forces selection and the Mod truck will appear in the game.

There is no mix and match between the GMC and the Gaz. As long as this mod is installed correctly in the Z folder only a Gaz will show. If you need the GMC and want a “non useable” Gaz as a scenery truck then download the OpelBlitztoGazMod or BedfordGStoGazMod. But be advised if you do use these mods all German Trucks are now Gaz with the Opel Mod and the Bedford Mod changes only the GS not TT model and requires Commonwealth Forces Module.

Now on to uses. Use as a scenery truck for U.S. or Commonwealth scenarios. Set to scenery by using vehicle status to destroyed or burning. This removes the crew from the vehicle. Also this truck will act as a solid object in the game. Or use as a commandered civilian truck for U.S. Forces.

The Gaz was selected as it is a more 1930’s civilian looking truck. And as a common vehicle to place as scenery when playing different sides.


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