CMBS: “EFVC” Bradley IFV Pack By Oleksandr

This mod will provide you with all Bradleys being retextured and camouflaged.

“EFVC” (Eastern Front Vehicle Camouflage) camo pattern was a thing I came out with while thinking about what would happen if America would make a step into hybrid conflict such as one in Ukraine, or in Moldova, or in Belarus and so on. I wasn’t happy with current camouflage what I think is perfect for Western Frontlines and in my opinion would not really fit into Eastern Europe.

So I’ve recamouflaged these Infantry Fighting Vehicles in a camouflage what I think would work for Eastern European Theatre.

The only thing what remains the same at this moment is certain parts of gear on those IFV’s (backpacks are still ocp and stuff like that), but I will fix that with a stand alone mod what will replace all the gear for all American vehicles in this game soon.

Overall I hope that you will enjoy this mod, and I hope that this camouflage would be a nice eye candy for you.


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