CMFI : Mord and DC’s Portrait Mod

Description: This is a huge collection of over 1700 hand made unit portraits (done in my new style) for your CMFI Base Game, Gustav & Rome To Victory Modules. There are many styles to select from; plain backgrounds (Summer/Sand, Autumn/City, Winter/Mountains) to flag backgrounds, to four styles of portraits representing all the US, Brit, CW, Italian and German divisions that fought from Sicly all the way up the boot. This will help scenario designers, QB enthusiasts, and historical accuracy nuts make their gaming experience more realistic, exciting and authentic. I’ve been working on this since October of 2018 and am excited to finally have it done! Hope you like it.

SPECIAL NOTE: The British, Canadian/CW portion of this mod could not have been done without my modding partner and buddy, Darknight Canuck (DC). If it wasn’t for him it would’ve taken a year (if it had been done at all) to gather all the OOB information, patches, and badges to accurately portray all the CW Formations included here. He busted his ass to help in the confusing, hair pulling maze that is Britain and her Commonwealth during WWII. Thanks, my man, for your time, patience and down right hard work six years ago!

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