Vin’s Animated Text CMSF2 V2.01

**For CMSF2 v2.01**

Vin’s animated text mod for CMSF2 v2.01
Concept by Vinnart
Graphics by Marco Bergman
(Update by CMFDR)

This mod changes the soldier stat text to make it easier to distinguish the actions of each soldier in the squad, and separate teams within the squad by use of type styles, and symbols.
It gives the text an “animated” feel, and gives the player a clearer picture of the actions at a glance.
The mod contains two versions. One is “heavy”, and one is “light” with the only difference in the two being the action “Spotting”.
The “heavy” version uses a symbol of an “eye to show the action. The “light” version maintains the word as a kind of filter that can be ignored making the more important symbol actions stand out.
Other than that all graphic symbols in the “legend” are used.

To use the mod place either the “heavy”, or “light folder inside {My Documents}\Battlefront\Shock Force 2\User Data\Mods folder.


Vin (Vinnart)

**IMPORTANT** This mod will only work with CMSF2 V2.01, and is not CMRT or CMBN or CMFI or CMFB compatible. There are CMRT & CMBN & CMFI & CMFB versions available at the CMMODSIII as well.
**IMPORTANT** This mod alters “strings.txt”. It **MUST** be updated whenever a new patch comes out.
If you start to see really odd equipment and vehicle names, then this mod is out of date and must be updated.

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