For those with a penchant for modern combat in the desert great news has been coming out of recently as they start the engines in the roll out of Shock Force 2.  

The journey to bring Combat Mission Shock Force 2 up to current Game Engine 4 is nearly is at an end! We are pleased to announce preorders for CMSF2 Base Game and Bundles are now available. And for those who don’t know, all CMSF1 (original) products can be inexpensively upgraded once CMSF2 is released. How inexpensive? $35 for everything or less if you only have one or two things in need of an Upgrade.

The obvious question out there is “when will CMSF2 ship?” We’re aiming for no later than the end of September. However, we’ll soon release a demo with 4 battles and a training mission. That should help keep you occupied for a while.

The image included here is from Bil Hardenbergers fantastic AAR over at and you can find it by following this LINK.


Author: FGM Site Admin

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