The latest content for Field of Glory II titled Swords and Scimitars has been released today.

It takes you into conflicts that have inflamedĀ South-Eastern Europe and the Middle East from 1040 AD to 1270 AD.

Play some of the bloodiest battles of the Crusades. Relive the final flowering and the decline of the Byzantine empire as well as the Mongol invasion of the middle east, which was only halted by the Mamluk Egyptians.

Swords and Scimitars comes with 20 more nations and factions and 35 more units.

Brand new units include: early and later Templar and Hospitaller knights, Turcopoles, Turcoman cavalry, Indian horse archers, Axe-armed Varangian guards, and more.

Relive 8 more historical scenarios covering key engagements of the period as well as 4 more historically-based campaigns covering major leaders and conflicts of the era: Alexios Komnenos, The First Crusade, Manuel Komnenos, Saladin.

Moreover, the DLC will be added to the Field of Glory II: Medieval – Complete Bundle, already containing Field of Glory II: Medieval and Reconquista with an additional 20% discount for a week.

Answer the call to arms, the battle never stops in Field of Glory II: Medieval – Swords and Scimitars.

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