1. chee006

    The Avid Wargamer

    Hi Wargamers! I am Max Chee, an avid wargamer and military history enthusiast. My love of wargames and military history got me active in various FB groups and eventually, I started my blog called The Avid Wargamer at avidwargamer.com to further write up about computer wargames. Keeping it as...
  2. B

    Task Force Thunder AAR (SF2)

    Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone. This will be an AAR series, covering my playthrough of the US Army campaign of Shock Force 2: 'TF Thunder'. I briefly dipped my toe into this campaign in Shock Force 1, but only as far as the first mission. This will be my first proper playthrough of a...
  3. B

    Sabres at Dawn AAR - BrotherSurplice vs Rinaldi (H2H)

    Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone. This is an AAR of a PBEM played with the British Forces module of Combat Mission: Shock Force. The scenario is "Sabres at Dawn" - I am attacking with a British light armoured reconnaissance force and @Rinaldi is defending with a Syrian reserve mechanised...
  4. Rinaldi

    Rinaldi's Screenshots & AARs

    By land, sea and air: Ukrainian infantry and their BMP-2 look out for enemy armor in a cabbage field - CM: Black Sea Leading a 6-ship CAP near Argentan, June 30 '44 we get into a wee scrap. It's over all too quick, but I finally get this satisfying tally after almost 4 missions without a...
  5. A


    First black sea quick battle! Med size forces meeting engagement! I'll be the Ukrainians rushing headlong into the evil invading Ruskies. OUT OF MY PRECIOUS HOMELAND YOU RUSSIAN DOGS! *ehem* Custom rules in effect: APS on only 20% of eligable vehicles (rounded up) Map: Force TO&E: 1...
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