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  1. Vartuoosi

    ArmA 3 session Sunday 8th August - 12:00 BST – British Summer Time

    Decided to switch to Northern Fronts for this one. This one is about Finnish attack on Suursaari in early 1942, slots for 9 players. We'll be playing on a 3rd party server and using TS for comms. Teamspeak address: Server address: Port: 2326 Password: Provided...
  2. Vartuoosi

    ArmA 3 session Sunday 18th July - 12:00 BST – British Summer Time

    Got two missions ready to go, first one, you're paras during invasion of Crete, with slots for 10 players and a second one for 13. The first one shouldn't be very long but we'll see if you guys take your time with it. And if we get higher than usual amount of participants might do the larger one...
  3. Vartuoosi

    Vartuoosi's Big Throbbing List of Mod Recommendations

    So I went on a bit of a hunt for mods so whoever of us is making missions could have a quick access to a list of decent mods in case people want to try some different variety of units, equipment and settings. I set couple of rules so not just any mod can make it to the list, but I’m willing to...