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  1. Vartuoosi

    ArmA 3 session Sunday 8th August - 12:00 BST – British Summer Time

    Decided to switch to Northern Fronts for this one. This one is about Finnish attack on Suursaari in early 1942, slots for 9 players. We'll be playing on a 3rd party server and using TS for comms. Teamspeak address: Server address: Port: 2326 Password: Provided...
  2. Vartuoosi

    Vartuoosi's Big Throbbing List of Mod Recommendations

    So I went on a bit of a hunt for mods so whoever of us is making missions could have a quick access to a list of decent mods in case people want to try some different variety of units, equipment and settings. I set couple of rules so not just any mod can make it to the list, but I’m willing to...
  3. M

    CSA38 mod

    Has anyone tried out the Czechoslovak-army-1938 mod? I hear it is very stable.