1. colin.s.davis

    CMBS Lack of RUS vs USA options

    I just wanted to gauge anyone's thoughts on the seemingly lack of RUS vs USA options (campaigns and scenarios). It seems like the majority of the content comes from a US/UKR side. I wonder why the developers didn't include more balanced content. Did they not believe there would be interest...
  2. Y

    Opponent for CMBS game wanted!

    Hello fine chaps, I have room for a CMBS game and am looking for an opponent. I am not very familiar with the tools and weapons in this version of CM yet, so I'd like to run anything up to Medium-size scenarios. I don't mind which side.
  3. Y

    Been away due to family expansion, but WOW! This place has changed!!

    Not a new member, but I have been away from CM due to family expansion. :) I am now the proud dad of a strong little guy and a gorgeous little girl! In my absence things have really moved on here! I am very impressed with the new look and delighted to see Scenario Depot and CMMods back and even...
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