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  1. colin.s.davis

    Tournament Quick Battle 1 Insight

    Post 1 I wanted to share some insights on the first battle of a CMSF2 Tournament Battle I am participating in. We are fighting on the Rural Stronghold map in a probing attack. Here's our general setup conditions. Other parameters include using whole 'blue' formations and special teams, no...
  2. A

    CMF2 and/or CMFI - Beginner to intermediate player for PBEM

    Hi, Looking for someone who is interested in doing aprox. turn-a-day PBEM game or games. I'm personally a fan of small to medium scenarios or QBs.
  3. Hapless

    Ambush in Al Fubar CMSF2

    I've played through Al Fubar against the AI and made a video AAR of it, but that was when the civilian density had no effect so the uncons had a hard time. Now that that's been patched up, the scenario plays completely differently and it would be really interesting to get another perspective on...