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    fivefivesix WWII DAR Thread: "HILL 82"

    Hi fgm, whether its of any interest to anyone else I can't be sure, but I figured I'd start compiling some pics and commentary from recent PBEMs. I'm sure like many of us, I've been spending a lot of extra time at home, so CM PBEMs have been a good way to keep in touch with the rest of the...
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    PzC-CMFI Ortona Campaign (Axis) thread

    Hello FGM, I copying and pasting parts of a conversation thread which involves @kohlenklau @Concord @mjkerner @Richtig and myself. The posts are highlights of the German command's Panzer Campaigns - CMFI campaign thread, which is a game organised by PzC campaign legend kohlenklau. The Allied...
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    First black sea quick battle! Med size forces meeting engagement! I'll be the Ukrainians rushing headlong into the evil invading Ruskies. OUT OF MY PRECIOUS HOMELAND YOU RUSSIAN DOGS! *ehem* Custom rules in effect: APS on only 20% of eligable vehicles (rounded up) Map: Force TO&E: 1...