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  1. J


    Hi, I go by Jed, I've been playing combat mission games for about a year, mostly with my brother. Joined to hang out with people who know about this fairly obscure gem. I have SF2, BS, FB, and plan on getting more.
  2. C

    Hello from UK!

    'Front and centre 2Dog!' I'm old and grumpy, with a strange sense of humour, although I have been caught smiling at least twice. I know. I'm also relatively new to CM, only ever played against the computer, but would like to start playing PBEM games. I've currently got CMRT, CMBS, and I'll be...
  3. C

    Hey There!

    I'm Calminos! Usually, I wouldn't be able to join the games because I live in India(LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG!), however, I am pretty good at naval strategy, and I am extremely interested in Military history, tactics, strategy, and possibilities.