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  1. Badger73

    RockinHarry CMBN soldier animations mod questions

    Check out Battlefront forum post http://community.battlefront.com/topic/125985-buddy-aid/?tab=comments#comment-1729020. If JoMc67 is correct, two (2) of @Rockinharry's soldier animation mods may provide an advantage to H2H players using them. Alternative cower -...
  2. Badger73

    Battlefront Forums - Repository Updates maintenance

    @Bootie, Welcome back from what appears to have been a wonderful holiday. As you re-immerse yourself in all things FGM once again, what are your thoughts about sustaining the "Repository Updates" forum on the Battlefront forums? http://community.battlefront.com/forum/108-repository-updates/...
  3. Badger73

    Splash Screen mod question

    I'm exploring how to try create CMFB splash screens using Aris's CMBN Splash Screen Template (http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=1950). I saved my first attempt as a *.bmp file and copied it into my CMFB game "Z" folder. It didn't load. I've scaled the file sizes to match other splash .bmp's...
  4. Badger73

    Juju's UI mods & CM Game Engine version 4.00 questions

    Are Juju's CM User Interface mods ("Juju’s TweakedUI v5" and "Juju’s Blitz UI") CM Game Engine version 4.00 updated? Showing command buttons for "Hulldown" / "Combine Squad" / "Reverse" / "Mark Mines" and such? If not, what's the URL for his CM v4.00 UI? I couldn't find anything definitive at...
  5. W

    Mod request

    Hey everyone. I have a request for any of you mod makers (I have a mac so I am incapable of delving into any mod making). I would love a mod that made the "target arc" graphic more transparent and maybe even a different color. I've looked and haven't found anything that does this. Seems like it...