1. Badger73

    RockinHarry CMBN soldier animations mod questions

    Check out Battlefront forum post If JoMc67 is correct, two (2) of @Rockinharry's soldier animation mods may provide an advantage to H2H players using them. Alternative cower -...
  2. Badger73

    Battlefront Forums - Repository Updates maintenance

    @Bootie, Welcome back from what appears to have been a wonderful holiday. As you re-immerse yourself in all things FGM once again, what are your thoughts about sustaining the "Repository Updates" forum on the Battlefront forums?
  3. Badger73

    Splash Screen mod question

    I'm exploring how to try create CMFB splash screens using Aris's CMBN Splash Screen Template ( I saved my first attempt as a *.bmp file and copied it into my CMFB game "Z" folder. It didn't load. I've scaled the file sizes to match other splash .bmp's...
  4. Badger73

    Juju's UI mods & CM Game Engine version 4.00 questions

    Are Juju's CM User Interface mods ("Juju’s TweakedUI v5" and "Juju’s Blitz UI") CM Game Engine version 4.00 updated? Showing command buttons for "Hulldown" / "Combine Squad" / "Reverse" / "Mark Mines" and such? If not, what's the URL for his CM v4.00 UI? I couldn't find anything definitive at...
  5. W

    Mod request

    Hey everyone. I have a request for any of you mod makers (I have a mac so I am incapable of delving into any mod making). I would love a mod that made the "target arc" graphic more transparent and maybe even a different color. I've looked and haven't found anything that does this. Seems like it...
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