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scenario design

  1. BlackJack

    Serious Problem Importing Bitmaps - Please Help

    I am trying to import images for my Hurtgen campaign for FB. I have made sure they are 170x170 and 24 bits. It imports the image, but it transplants and discolors the right side of the image over to the left side. I do not have any idea what is going on, as the files present normally prior to...
  2. Badger73

    SCENARIO DESIGNER’S WORKSHOP – Orders of Battle / Tables Of Equipment & Organization

    OOB’s & TOE’s Here are references for WW2 Orders of Battle and Tables of Equipment and Organization ========================================================= Battalion Organization during the Second World War 20th Century Orders of Battle Battlefront TO&E – Battle For Normandy Battlefront...
  3. Badger73


    GENERAL REFERENCE – READING & VIDEOS Here are references of a general nature regarding combat situations, tactics, battlefield behavior and thinking. ======================================================================= Battle Drill – Bil Hardenberger’s Blog The Armor Site – Scenario...
  4. Badger73

    SCENARIO DESIGNER'S WORKSHOP - Welcome to the Combat Mission Editor

    SCENARIO DESIGN & CM EDITOR Here are references to Combat Mission scenario design information and tutorials. Some links are tips and tricks. Others are things to keep in mind approaching your scenario project. Links which include topical Battlefront Forum threads are marked as such...