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  1. R

    Help I need play-testers

    Hi all, I've created my first ever CM:BN scenarios to be put together as a campaign however I'm in need of play testers to give feedback before I have the finished product. I've asked over at the battlefront forums but not had too much back in regards to interest, albeit for a couple of people...
  2. R

    [CMRT Scenario] Strongpoint Salas

    Here is the link to TPGII: http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tpg2/cm-red-thunder/strongpoint-salas-ally-vs-ai-version/ Feedback greatly appreciated. Many thanks to Badger73 for briefing check.
  3. R

    How to put scenarios for test?

    I have made several scenarios. Two of them need testing, one is about to ready to play. Where and how I can upload it? And how to get maximum feedback?
  4. A

    CMRT H2H scenario finished, just needs balance testing.

    I decided to get back into scenario-making recently with a small-scale (reduced company vs. two platoons + odds and ends) H2H matchup. It can be played solo as well, preferably as Soviets but I tested the German side three times (compared to like twenty-five for the Soviets) but I'm really...
  5. Panzer Lehr

    Sign ups for August have begun