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82nd Airborne in Normandy - Scenario #1 - Boots on the Ground


FGM Colour Sergeant
Apr 19, 2021
London Ontario Canada
Looking for one or two play testers to play a LONG (2.5 hour) but small single-player scenario before I post it.

Lt. Col. Timmes and Lt. Col. Millet Converge on Amfreville
Scenario #1 of 16 in the series 82nd Airborne in Normandy
All scenarios are S.P. U.S. vs A.I. German only.

INTRODUCTION: This scenario is designed both as a role-playing and a wargaming scenario. It is both uncomplicated and challenging. As American Lt. Col. Timmes C.O. 2nd Battalion 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division you must attempt to locate and secure your objectives with only a handful of troopers while marching several kilometers through countryside infested with a numerically superior foe. This scenario is an exercise in stealth and patience. Try to avoid firefights except those necessary to seize and hold your objectives. You may count on the Germans being confused during the initial hours of your drop, more so due to the dispersal of your battalion. Your immediate objectives are (1) secure the western end of the la Fiere causeway at Cauquigny and (2) secure the village of Amfreville. The latter will be used as the battalion assembly point.

STRATEGIC SITUATION: It is D-Day 6 June 1944. The combined Allied armies have opened a new, western front by landing on the beaches in Normandy.

TACTICAL SITUATION: The 101st Airborne has landed just behind Utah beach to secure the bridges and causeways leading across the flooded areas, off the beaches inland. The 82nd Airborne has landed further inland with the following objectives:

1. The 505th PIR to secure St. Mere-Eglise and the eastern ends of two crucial crossings over the Merderet River at Chef-du-Pont and La Fiere.
2. The 507th PIR to secure the western end of La Fiere at the village of Cauquigny.
3. wThe 508th PIR to secure the crossings over the Douve River to the southwest.

FRIENDLY FORCES: You personally dropped into the water of the flooded Merderet River. Other chutes in the water reveal you weren’t the only unlucky landing. You struggled for some time to get out of your gear and out of the water to the west side of the Merderet. A half hour later you have managed to assemble only two sticks, 20 men, of your battalion. Apparently, your battalion has been dropped badly and is widely scattered. You sent scouts out to recon your position and have determined that you are north of Cauquigny and north-east of Hameau-aux-Brix.

ENEMY FORCES: A battalion of the 1057th Grenadiers, 91st Luftlande Division is reported to be in your immediate area with armor support.

CONDITIONS: It is June 6th, 1944, 0500 hours - first light. The weather is clear and warm with a little wind from the west. You dropped under slanting full moonlight and all boots were on the ground by 0312.

PLAY TIPS: If Millet's casualties start to approach 20%, he should exit towards Les Landes. Likewise, Timmes should fall back to Timmes' Orchard to mitigate a bad situation. The scenario is replayable multiple times as the AI has multiple plans and responses. The AI’s German response is designed to act aggressively if the player deviates significantly from historical objectives or strays widely off-road. Explanation: Lt. Col. Timmes did not have the god-view of the map that player’s have and followed inaccurate maps which necessitated moving by or beside roads or hedgerows until forced by enemy activity to deviate.

Control Cauquigny church - 300 points
Control Timmes' orchard - 200 points (this is your FALL-BACK position!)
Touch NW Amfreville - 100 points (accessible to Lt. Col. Millet's troopers
Touch SE Amfreville - 100 points
Extremely UNLIKELY - Occupy Amfreville church - 500 pts
Exit to les Landes - This is Lt. Col. Millet's escape route to avoid taking more than 20% casualties.

The German AI receives the no points for locations but it may attempt to deprive you of control of your objectives. Moreover, it receives the following:
More than 20% U.S. casualties - 500 points
Destroy Lt. Col. Timmes - 50 points
Destroy Lt. Col. Millet - 50 points
Destroy Millet's platoon - 100 points
Destroy Levy's platoon - 100 points
Destroy Timmes' troopers - 100 points

Victory points were balanced using Ithikial's Combat Mission Victory Points Calculator v2 available at FGM's CM Mods Repository.

Map size for this scenario is 2.5 km x 2.5 km
Timmes' start location to Cauquigny church - 30 minute walk
Cauquigny Church to Amfreville - 60 minute walk
Amfreville to Timmes' Orchard - 45 minute walk

Both Lt. Col. Millet and Lt. Col. Timmes were unable to gain a foothold in Amfreville. Millet was bounced back to Les Landes (some suggest he never made it past Les Landes in the first place). Timmes fell back to the orchard where he dug in for the next few day. Timmes originally secured Cauquigny but rather than staying and thereby securing the western end of the la Fiere causeway early in the operation, moved towards the sound of the guns at Amfreville with most of his men, probably in the hope of linking up with more of his battalion. Timmes' stand in the orchard has been described as an heroic event. Nevertheless his decision to leave Cauquiny garrissoned with only 17 men resulted in them being driven out later that same day and three days delay before the causeway was stormed by the Americans in a bloody action.

If interested in helping out then please contact me at woud89@gmail.com
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