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Afternoon all

Monty's Mighty Moustache

FGM New Member
Mar 25, 2021
United Kingdom
Good afternoon.

I am new to this forum but have been lurking for many a year. I stumbled across a little game called CMBO about 20 years ago after no RTS game really quite cut it and was AWFUL at it. But I loved it. C’est la vie non? Or should that be c’est la guerre?

Anyhow, long story short I own all the WW2 titles that Battlefront have produced but have dipped in and out over the years only ever playing against the AI. I didn’t have a computer for quite a few years so this particular itch went unscratched for some time.

I thought what with the amount I’ve been playing recently (one good thing to come out of lockdown) I’d take the plunge and join the forums and give multiplayer a whirl. I’m excited to be here and although I am certainly no expert compared to a lot of others I hope to contribute as much as I can (kids allowing).

See you in the forums!

MMM (The Stache)
Big welcome to the Club @Monty's Mighty Moustache The Few Good Men are welcoming you!.... You will find a lot of interesting people here
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