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ARMA 3 EVENTS CALENDAR --> NOTE all event times are GMT

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The "FGM Aram3 Calendar" has moved . . . .
Find it in Steam Group "The FGM ARMA3 Squad / FGM ARMA" under Events tab.

Not a member of the Steam group? Ping @Bootie, @Ithikial, or @Josey Wales in Steam to join.

Here are the future events scheduled

WW2 Training & Mission
Sunday - OCT 14 @ 7:00AM - JOSEY WALES
14th October, 12:00 GMT

Training will cover;
  • Assigning roles & responsibilities
  • Distribution of ammo and equipment
  • Peeling
  • ACE report
A mission will follow
Go to The FGM ARMA3 Squad for Server and Password information
@Josey Wales FGM sessions - house rules

The training will be interactive and everyone will get a chance to put into practice in a 'live' environment what has been taught in each session.​
Server name: JW FGM​
The server can currently take 12 players max (not including me).​
House rules;​
1. No team killing​
2. No shooting in the base/briefing area​
3. Magazines & clips to be removed from weapons whilst in the base/briefing area​
4. No swearing​
5. No picking up enemy weapons or using enemy equipment​
Briefings start 5 minutes after Event start time. Players must sure they are on the server well before then so any connection issues can be sorted out prior to starting - especially if they are new to ArmA.​
Players arriving late will need to sort out any problems they are having by themselves so as not to impact on everyone else in session.​
WW2 Session required mods are;​
Players must ensure no other mods are running.​
Comms will be via in game VON (Voice Over Network)​
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