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ARMA Tactics

Arma Tactics is a turn-based close-combat strategy game, where the player takes control of a four-member Special Forces team. There are no given strategies, rails to move on, or paths to follow; it‘s up to the player to decide how he will play through both the story-driven missions and generated missions with randomized objectives. Whether using stealth or a more direct approach, players will need to use their strategic thinking and use both basic and advanced weaponry while facing many different opponents - ranging from unorganized local militia to smart and skilled mercenaries.

It all sounds so good and with a quality brand like Armed Assault behind it you expect it to be of the same high standard. Unfortunately this is anything but... the game play is basic, the enemy AI is pitiful as is your own teams. Graphics are sub standard and this game basically reeks. Games of a similar vein wood be Jagged Alliance and X-Com and despite having older release dates than ARMA Tactics they are both so much better. This game lacks atmosphere. Do avoid it and don't get drawn into wasting your money on it like I did.
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