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Armored Brigade



Has anyone got any experience of this game from Matrix? Looks like a 2D Cold War CM outwardly with excellent reviews.

I really tried to like this game a year ago but just couldn't embrace it. There aren't many scenario's per se; it's really a sandbox for you to fill instead. It's limited to realtime play and only overhead views. If you're looking for Cold War Combat Mission, this game is not it.
Thanks Badger. I have a very ok off relationship with CM as I struggle to justify the high cost of new games but will try to find some PBEM opponents to increase my desire!
It's not that bad, considering the actual programming is done by just one person. You have a large number of units to choose from, you can setup your own (very) simple dynamic campaigns. Air support is actually better modelled than in CM, artillery has the added possibility of shooting flares, there is dynamic lighting... What did I forget... it has an LOS tool. And it got better with the ability to have two units per square now. (The traffic jams were annoying...)

The real downside is that it is single player only and the AI is somewhat lacking (though still way better than CM, considering that it isn't scripted).
My experience with the game is the same as Bagder73's. Tried getting into it but it just did not grab me
A nice sandbox but only real time play available and limited top down only views
I passed on it being a keeper
It has pausable realtime and you can switch the game mode to having kind of rounds. You can still give orders (if you want) but only pause after a set interval.
Not trying to defend the game, I think it is a bit too expensive for what it does. But it is really not that bad.
I did buy Armored Warfare a while back, but barely played it. Probably will remain like that.

It's not a bad game, but I prefer combat mission many times over armored warfare. TBH it felt going back to the 90s. I wanted to like it, but after trying out a couple of missions I felt that I'd rather play some CM.
Been playing a lot of this game recently. I really enjoy the military sandbox thing, as I just really like experimenting with different vehicles and weapons systems and tactics. Being sort of a newbie in these kinds of hardcore games, this game was the first one I could *really* pick up and play. I'll continue exploring the scenario generator whenever I want to muck around with some obscure military equipment. I just wish there was *more* of it. I know it's a bit spoiled to ask for Wargame Red Dragon's arsenal size, but I did bounce off that game for not adhering to general common sense in tactics and being too competitive and clicky. And the main draw there was all the cool stuff you got to use from the toy box.
Over all, I know I'll continue enjoying AB as I get better at tactics, and it'll remain my "short play session" wargame for the near future. But I think I'll finally start getting my rounds on Combat Mission soon enough. That, or Flashpoint Campaigns.
Addendum: I also just remembered the AB devs are working on the sequel, which I would love to play soon.