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Black Sea quick battle action

Paleolithic Monk

FGM Company Sergeant Major
Mar 31, 2018
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Colorado Springs, Colorado
I've been enjoying Black Sea lately and have been watching some of @Hapless Combat Mission YouTube videos on the game. Has been quite useful. Especially this video on the BMP-3. It really is a glass tank at times.

I'm currently in 2 CM:BS matches with @Jackal2100. I'm taking quite a few vehicle losses in one match as I'm creeping my recon units forward, but our quick battle has started with a head-on collision between our forces as we race to seize key terrain.
Where as I admire Jackal's panache in leading his formations with unarmored trucks, the risk was high and my BMP-3's blasted two of them into last week. Almost feel bad for the platoon that drew the short straw and was volun-told to lead the advance. The escorting BMP didn't fair any better.
ArmA 3 Screenshot 2021.02.09 -
Yeah, both of the lead vehicles bogged down. Slowing up the advance enough that I couldn't get out of the killzones before they were set up.