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Boardgame to CM - The Problem of Wire


FGM Sergeant
Apr 19, 2021
London Ontario Canada
Squad level boardgames such as ASL and others, handle wire obstacles differently than CM and this must be taken into account when converting from the former to the latter. In ASL wire causes infantry to slow down when crossing it whereas the ONLY way for infantry to cross wire in CM is by following tracked vehicles (which may suffer track damage) or by blasting through wtih satchels. None of the movement commands permit infantry to cross wire in CM.

Example: In the case of a scenario converted by another author, which I am now playing - 'Bonfire of the NKVD', the map is quite small and the author has included 20 wire elements which when laid end to end can close off 90% of the width of the map when combined with other features. The attacker has not been provide with any means 'through'.

What the author should have done, which I am doing now since I am revising his scenairo, is (a) reduced the number of wire obstacles and (b) write a 'special rule for wire' stating that no sequenc of wire may consist of more than 3 to 5 (number depends on map size) continuous wires separated by at least one map interval. I use '5' for most of my ASL conversions.

Care needs be taken to ensure that an abundance or abuse of wire does not make a scenario unplayable or unpalatable.