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[BOOK] - Brothers...Rivals...Victors - by Jonathon W. Jordan


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May 11, 2013
Heart of America
Brothers Rivals Victors - by Jonathon W. Jordan is a must-read for anyone interested in the ETO. This book is an outstanding study of the personal and professional relationships between Eisenhower, Bradley and Patton. Basically starts at Camp Meade, MD in 1919 when Ike and Patton were assigned to the US Tank Corps and goes from there. You learn that Patton was Ike's mentor, that they were very good friends until Patton starting getting in trouble. Even after Patton got in so much trouble the Congress wanted him filleted and dried, Ike put "Blood and Guts on ice" because he (and Bradley) knew Patton was the best "pursuit" commander in the US Army. This book explores the history of the men, their complex relationships, their bitter arguments and contrasts their generalship. Book does a great job detailing each of their personalities as well. Goes into considerable detail about the Normandy Breakout, the "partial" victory at Falaise and the struggles at the Bulge. Book also covers Torch, Kasserine, Sicily and the conduct of the war until the end and then some. If there is one thing that united them other than defeating Germany, it was all three hated Bernard Montgomery. And the first clue is not jealousy... After reading how the guy operated you'll understand why these generals despised the man. And in fairness, they didn't much care for MacArthur either. This is a great book for all nationalities to read if you want to understand three of the best known and highly regarded generals in US Army history.
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