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[BOOK] The Rhodesian War - Fifty Years On



The Rhodesian War - Fifty Years On
by Paul Moorcroft & Peter McLaughlin

Reprint of the classic book on this war - originally published 2 years after the war ended 1980.
An excellent read which gives an overview of the war and is an outstanding introduction for anyone interested in this period of history. Contains some detail of operations for anyone wanting to wargame this period, but is primarily an intro to the war, including an overview of the politics.

Split into 4 sections and containing several useful maps, 26 photographs and several diagrams the book is well organised and supplies people not familiar with Southern Africa a good introduction to it's peculiarities.

The 4 sections are
1. The Beginnings - roots of conflict, the first years after UDI, and the first escalation.
2. The Combatants - Rhodesioan Forces, The Guerilla Groups, Weapons & Tactics.
3. The Climax - last 3 years of war, international politics & diplomacy and immediate aftermath.
4. A Backward look from today.

Overall i'd recommend this book for anyone interested in asymetrical warfare, the histroy of Southern Africa or military operations during the cold war in general.
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