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Carillon Nose campaign project - Long Left Flank



Thanks @Badger73 nice find, very interesting discussion.

It also reminds me why I should always thank anyone who worked on scenarios, Mods, the game or play testing for this amazing collection of games. (So Thanks, yeah! :) ) The intricacies of design, research etc not to mention the time required to do it is beyond dedication - these people are wizards of the first order!

I'll still bitch - under my breath - about how tough the scenarios/campaigns/opponents are but this is NOT a game where I groan about the design - it's too damn good for that.

Anyways been much too nice for too long so - UGGGHHHH.................. BUBBLE-BLITZ.............. oh look, shiny new tights...... Dah-Dah-Dit...... Breaking news -.... Nah.....


Very cool and useful. Definitely going to try to emulate that method for creating forrested areas in the future. Looks so much more natural in game.